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We first met July 4, 2011 at a friend’s BBQ. He was a mutual friend. That was the first day we had ever seen each other. Josh was quiet, but witty and I thought he was funny. We didn’t talk much. It was during the summer time so our friends would go bowling or to the movies and we would go too. We started talking soon after that. August 16, 2011 was our first date. We went to Rosemarie’s and then to the movies. He was really nervous and I thought it was funny.
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I knew he was the one when we talked and he told me everything about school and his family and church. I felt like we both had the same views on everything and one day when we were just hanging out he told me he was in love with me. I was extremely happy to hear that because I felt the same way I was just too scared to say so. I also liked his sense of humor and the fact that I could tell him anything and I could be myself around him.
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I knew Angelica was special when I saw that our views on family and faith were nearly identical. The way she smiles, the way she laughs, and how selfless she really is, I just knew she was the one. I always thought when married couples said “when you know, you know” was just a copout reason people would say so they wouldn’t have to explain their selves or because they themselves didn’t know why they got married but I fully understand now that neither is the case. Everything little thing about Angelica gives me this feeling inside that is unexplainable, and I just know that she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life in eternity with.
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The one thing you love most about each other?

I love Josh’s personality. The way he is and treats me. The little things like opening the car door for me all the time, buying cards or flowers just because, laughing at my joke s even when I know it’s not funny. He doesn’t do this to try to impress me, I feel like he does it because it’s him. Everything he does shows me how much he really cares and loves me.

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There is so much I love about Angelica, if I had to chose one though, it would be her selflessness. She will go out of her way to help anyone. She could be starving, having not eaten all day, about to eat the burrito she was craving, and if someone came by and said they were hungry she would wrap the whole burrito up and give it to them. That’s a true story. If there is anything anyone needs, she goes out of her way to help, no matter how inconvenient it may be. That’s why I do the things I do for her, she deserves more than anything I could give her so I try to give her everything I can.
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what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Having our first dance. I’ve never really danced before because I don’t like dancing but being able to share that with josh is something that I’m nervous, but extremely excited about.


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