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A camera, lens, and flash are the basic tools of the trade for a photographer. Just like a painter has a set of brushes and sculptor a set of chisels, a photographer needs to have the basic equipment to capture the scene. When I think of history’s great artists, the one thing they all had in common was they knew how to use the tools of their trade. There are types of photography where using the best gear is not necessary; wedding photography is not one of them. I use the top-of-the-line Canon cameras, lenses and flashes. Using the best also means your gear is built to withstand heavy use and, at times, abuse. Weddings can be fast-paced, requiring you to quickly change locations and move gear. Often, there are large numbers of guests to work around and equipment can easily get bumped. Since high-end camera gear is designed for professionals, the manufacturers strive to produce durable tools that can withstand the rigors of the job. Top-of-the-line equipment will also result in higher quality images. Camera manufacturers know their best advertising comes from people seeing what images the professionals produce using their equipment. The newest top-ofthe- line cameras usually have more features, better controls and improved image processing. For example, the new direction is for camera manufacturers to increase the ability to shoot great photos in low light, which really helps wedding photographers who regularly deal with low light situations. In essence, there is also a lot of truth to the saying “you get what you pay for.” This certainly holds true when it comes to camera equipment. One of the main features to look for when selecting a camera is reliability. At weddings, there are no second chances, so it is important to make sure you have good working gear. I doubt the bride and groom would be very happy if you asked them to stop and “re-do” their fi rst kiss as husband and wife because your equipment malfunctioned and you missed the moment. Having good working gear is a must. That said, even knowing my main camera should never fail doesn’t mean I rely solely on it. I keep a second camera body in my camera bag and a backup third camera body in my car or somewhere close. That way I am covered if something goes wrong, twice over. RJ Wedding Photography in Bakersfield CA.


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