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How we met?

Honestly speaking, for us it began as an on-line courtship through e-mail conversations that quickly progressed to text messaging until we were both finally comfortable to arrange meeting in person.  We were both nervous, yet excited to see one another for the first time and we arranged a meeting at a local Starbucks. :0)  So excited and nervous were we, that the night before our official first date we actually decided to break the ice and meet briefly.  It made the planned date the next day more relaxed having that first meeting out of the way.  We were both very much looking forward to spending time together and getting to know one another even more.  Our conversations had always been easy and they continue to be!  We really are each others best friends. 

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How did I know he was the one?

I knew he was the one when he trusted me enough to meet his kids!  I loved watching him interact with them, I could see his love for each of them and I knew his heart was like mine!

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About the proposal…

The planning was about 6 months in the making.  I was excited, she did not see it coming!  We share the same birthdate, and “we” planned to treat each other to a cruise to Alaska for our birthdays.   I planned to make our birthday, her first cruise, and the proposal something we’d never forget!  On the balcony of the ship, while cruising the Tracy Arm Fjords, the morning of our birthday, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my bride.  

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One thing I love most about him/her?

She has a huge heart!
He always makes me feel special and so very loved!
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Something quirky/silly about one another?

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When she laughs, she snorts.
He loves computer casino games-well all games really.


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Besides getting married-what’s the one thing we are looking forward to on our special day?

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We are looking forward to being with our family and friends.

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What inspired our theme or decor?

The color yellow and love birds

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