How You See a Photo by RJ Wedding Photography

What I mean with how you see a photo, well have you ever seen something and think “Wow, that would be a cool photo”, Then when you take the shot it doesn’t look anything like what you had in mind.

When you see a photo in your mind try and put it in the frame of your camera as well, I know that’s sounds like a “Duh” moment, But many of us don’t do that.

Good photography takes a little bit more time then just taking a shot. Composition is one of the little things that can make a very big difference.

Often when a shot is taken we put the subject write in the middle of the frame, and that’s ok if you doing a close up, but try moving the subject a little to the left or the right. I know that sounds like an odd thing to do, but lets just say your taking a photo of your kids at an amusement park , try this, put the kids and the park sign together in the frame of your shot.

When people see this they get a realistic view of what the photo is about. You don’t have to say “That’s my kids at the park”.

You have just started to make great photo’s with just that information.

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