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It was love at first site, not the cliché lose your breath from across the room, but a strong sense of coming home, that life was building towards something inseparable – Grady

Kimberly and Grady were drawn to each other immediately.  They had came from different families, with Kim raised as an only child and Grady surrounded by siblings.  Both grew up with very strong families with focus and emphasis on love.  Grady knew quickly this was the woman he’d make his wife.  Within a few months he was ready to ask her to spend forever with him.  The ring was bought and hidden and he was full of anxious excitement for the special day.

Their world was flipped upside down before that beautiful day, though, when a visit to the doctor delivered them devastating news.  Kimberly found out that she had kidney cancer.  More devastating was the cause, Von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL).  This genetic disorder is rare and causes tumors throughout the body.  (for more information visit  While the news was devastating, their love and commitment to each other didn’t waiver.

Just a few days later Grady devised another surprise – an amazing surprise.  Grady and Kimberly were putting together a jig-saw puzzle when the search for the missing piece began.  Kimberly found it… in Grady’s hand, as he was on his knee, a proposal written on the back of the piece.  Kimberly was his missing piece and together they were whole.

Amidst wedding planning Kimberly underwent surgery to remove the cancer from her kidney.  The surgery was a great success and 80% of her kidney was saved; results better than could be hoped for!!

However, another pregnancy was not an option for Kimberly as her doctors said it would not be safe! Read More


Kimberly and Grady | Bakersfield Surrogacy Maternity Photography
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