Photo Booth for Corporate Events

Whether it’s a large event or a smaller corporate party

we will work with you to make sure your photo booth rental will meet all of your needs and make you look Professional.

Why do I need a Photo Booth for my Corporate Event?

Let me guess… You’re planning a corporate event and one or more of the following applies:

  • You’re searching for a way to make your company gathering one that entertains and is memorable?
  • You’re planning an employee appreciation party, company holiday picnic, or a corporate open house and are responsible for providing entertainment, while keeping within the budget?
  • You’re organizing a conference, festival, concert or promotional event, and you want to leverage user generated content to create social media buzz?
  • Your worst nightmare is everyone who attends the event will enjoy the food and drinks, but soon start looking for a side door to sneak out.
  • You’d like to increase the branded experience at your event, but not in a way that feels inorganic or forced?
  • You were referred by one of our corporate clients, or attended one of our events so you know you can’t organize your event without inviting us!

Regardless of where you fit into the above scenarios, the fact that you’re here means you made the right decision. One of our photo booth or video booth rentals is exactly what you need for engaging guests at any corporate event. Although we work regularly in Fresno | Bakersfield and the surrounding Metro areas throughout California, we are also prepared to happily travel!

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What can you expect in renting a photo booth for your Fresno-Bakersfield area corporate event?


  1. Professional Service. Our staff work with you from your first inquiry till after the event is complete to make sure that each of your needs and wishes is met.
  2. Flexibility. Does your party have a theme? We can match that with our photo strip logo and customized props. Not sure what time to open the photo booth or how long to reserve your rental? Let us help you figure out what is best for you with our 5+ years of photo booth entertainment experience.
  3. Extensive Branding Options. In addition to working with you to design a logo or custom overlay that will appear on each photo taken, we also offer branding options that make the photo booth an integral part of your overall event branding. The booth itself can be wrapped in vinyl graphics, the screen can be customized, plus we can create branded signage or a step and repeat backdrop that not only brands the photos but becomes a visual attraction at the event.
  4. Appropriately Themed Experience. Is your event a black-tie upscale occasion, or a relaxed casual party? We can accommodate you in either case. We will work with you to coordinate the perfect fit so that the booth style, props and attendant will match the feel of your event.
  5. Extended Appreciation. Normally when the event ends, the fun is over. When you incorporate one of our photo booths guests will cherish their photos for years to come. Also, our social media and digital sharing options allow you to make your event go viral and reach not only those in attendants but family and friends on networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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What features are included in our company photo booth rental?


  • Unlimited Use. No strings attached. With our DSLR cameras and dye-sub printers, guests can quickly get in and out and go back as many times as they’d like.
  • Custom Company Logo. We will work together to design the perfect logo or overlay for your printed or digital photos and make sure guests are impressed with their keepsake.
  • Digital Copy. Immediately after your event, our highly trained attendant will present to you a flash drive / CD with all the images from your party. You can post these to your company website, the corporate social media page, or email them to your employees!
  • Open Air OR Curtain Style. As we mentioned earlier, each corporate event that uses a photo booth is unique. Perhaps the intimacy of a curtain style booth fits your event.  Our open air photobooth provides a more “red carpet event” feel and theme.  Each has its benefits that can match your wishes. We also offer a traditional sit down booth upgrade, or can build a custom installation tailored to your needs.
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Corporate photo booth rental Los Angeles by RJ Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Branding Options

  • Company Logo. Add your company logo to your image whether you’ve chosen 2×6″ strips, 4×6″ photos or animated gifs. When your guests
  • Event Theme. Incorporate your event colors, logo and brand collateral to ensure that photo booth is the perfect extension of the brand experience.
  • Thank You Message. For an employee event, show appreciation for the hard work your staff puts forth throughout the year. The photo booth is a great way to entertain while letting them know how much they mean to the company.
  • Magazine Style Overlay. One of our most popular image styles is a 4×6″ photo with a magazine style overlay. Give your guests the opportunity to be famous for a minute as a cover model.
  • #Hashtag. Incorporate hashtags into your photo graphics to encourage guests to share socially and influence their networks.
  • Promotional Materials. People love photos of themselves. Leverage the selfie craze by incorporating your promotional message into the photo booth image. It’s unlikely that guests will keep a promotional flyer, but they will happily keep and share images of themselves watermarked with your brand message.
  • On Booth Branding. In addition to all of the options for branding the photos, we can also brand the booth itself by graphically wrapping the structure.
  • Custom Backdrops. We will work with you to design and manufacture custom backdrops from fabric or low glare vinyl incorporating your theme, or step-and-repeat logos.


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RJ Photo Booth Rentals Los Angeles Masterhead 106 1/2 Judge John Aiso St. # 741, Los Angeles, CA, US

RJ Photo Booth Rentals Fresno Ca

RJ Photo Booth Rentals Fresno Ca by RJ Photo Booth Rental Fresno

RJ Photo Booth Rentals Fresno Ca

RJ Photo Booth Rentals Fresno Ca by RJ Photo Booth Rental Fresno

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Corporate photo booth rental Los Angeles by RJ Photo Booth Rental

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